Sexual Health of Adolescent

Friday, July 3rd, 2015


Adolescent is an important age stage in total life period. It is a growing stage. Physical, psychological and sexual properties are grown up. So for adolescent, sexual health is important. It is related for total life. So every man needs to take care at this time.


Many research shows that adolescent is staying at high risk for sexual health and reproductive health hd porn. HIV is dangerous for adolescent. It is needed to know about sexual health. They can start to learn from family and school. It is a shying matter but important. For that reason, many problems are faced by adolescent. In U.S.A, 72% new HIV infection infect to new young generation.

Adolescent time is more emotional time. So at this reason, risk is more. They can occur kiss, sex ect by their emotion. Sexual health teen porn sex will be hampered.

Reproductive health problem has a relation with sexual health. If we want to establish a safe reproductive process, sexual health will be developed.

A statistics shows that 41% people do not use condom in U.S.A. In 89% of 41% do not use condom in U.S.A. It is an alarming situation for world. Sexual problem will be increased by this activity.

So we believe that sexual health is important for every adolescent people. To reduce this sexual health problem; youth, school and related organization can aware adolescent people. Young people need to take life time attitude and behavior. If we can aware adolescent people about sexual and reproductive health, we can protect sexual problem.

Adolescent time is a busy time and careless time spending. So they are careless about eating habit and health caring. They are not serious about sexual health. They need proper care to sexual health. Adolescent of third world country is staying at high risk. They do not get proper education about sexual health education. Many conservative minded countries do not give support about sexual health education. For that reason, adolescent sexual health is so much effective. They are suffering from sexual problem. So they need proper support and proper sexual health education for adolescent.

Which oven you should buy?

Monday, November 17th, 2014


Oven is a device used for cooking much quickly and efficiently. They are used at homes, restaurants and many other eating places. Few commonly used ovens are as follow

  • Electric Oven
  • Gas Oven
  • Built-In Oven
  • Double Oven
  • Microwave Oven

Electric Oven

In an electric oven an electric element is used for heating the food. Current flows through the wire into the center of the heating element which converts the electrical energy into the heat. The electric oven uses dry heat which helps to prevent the food from the buildup of rust. They took longer time than others but they are very efficient because the heat is equally distributed around the oven and it remains constant throughout the heating process. They are less costly but the cooking cost is much greater than othersuse oven for a delicious meal and enjoy them on queen down comforter.

Gas Oven

In a gas oven a gas powered cook top is attached at the top of the oven but you can also be installed separately for you convenience. An electric heater generates heat with the help of an electric coil but gas oven uses gas fuelled burners for generating the heating. Gas oven is commonly used for baking the food. It is very safe in use but heat distribution is not as good as in electric ovens. Advance gas ovens are installed an automatic system which controls all the activities of the oven. They took less time than electric ovens but they are very costly.

Built-In Oven

A built in oven is an appliance that is directly built into the wall of a kitchen therefore it is also known as a wall oven. It is different in style than the traditional oven which is paired directly on the top of the oven. A built in oven does not have the feature of the cook top but it can be installed separately on the various heights of the kitchen counter top. Single or double ovens both are available. The width of the oven is considered as the size. You can choose either an electric or a gas heating oven.

Double Oven

In double oven two ovens are stacked on the top or alongside of one another. Both can cook at separate temperatures. It is best for cooking large meals. One oven can be settled at lower temperature to cook the meat slowly and other oven can be settled at high temperature to cook quickly. Double ovens are expensive are they also consume more energy therefore they are mostly found in professional kitchens.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is an appliance which has the ability to cook and reheat the food much faster than the other conventional oven. It is very beneficial for the people who have less time for cooking. It uses radiations for heating. These ovens are available in variety of colors and sizes from the basic counter top to build in kitchen versions. Basic counter top versions are inexpensive with fewer features. But the expensive models have features like weight sensors, rotating turntables, undercooking and pre programmed settings of many kinds of foods.

some old types of ovens

Monday, November 17th, 2014


For hundreds of years many techniques and methods were used for cooking the food and these took long time to cook. But as the time passes people started to make appliance for cooking and the most advanced appliance is n oven. It is an important part of a house. A home is considered incomplete without an oven. You can cook the food in short time. The way in which the heat is dispersed in the oven we categories the ovens in two types which are commonly used.

  • Convection Ovens
  • Conventional Ovens

Convection Ovens

In a convection oven a fan is used normally on the back side of the oven. It is used to force the heated air around the oven and it also circulates the air around the food which is being cooked. The air is uniformly distributed and constantly pushed over and around the item being cooked. Due to this a convection oven cooks the food faster than a conventional oven. A convection oven is not only faster in cooking than a conventional oven but it also cooks food at lower temperatures than conventional. You can save about 20 percent of the normal time of cooking with the use of conventional oven. It also cooks the food at the 20 percent lower temperature than the suggested temperature of the recipe. The convection ovens are mostly used in commercial cooking areas as well as in restaurants. But now they are also getting some popularity at home level or a conventional oven is used which can operate as a convention oven upon request. Due the speed and efficiency the convection ovens are expensive than conventional. But professional chefs always rely on them for delicious food. The heat is uniformly distributed in it so it does not matter where you place the food in the oven on the top or bottom of the rack or near to the front or back.

Conventional Ovens

The conventional ovens are most commonly used at homes. Every member of the home uses it for cooking of all sorts of breads, meals and many other kids of food. In working the conventional ovens are same to the convectional ovens because both uses heat for cooking the food. Both have the models which use either electricity or gas. Some models have the capability to operate on both either electricity or gas depends on what is plugged in to them, and some models are either electricity specific or gas specific. The difference between a conventional oven and a convection oven is that the heat is not uniformly distributed on the constant basis with the help of a fan as it is in convection oven. In a conventional oven the heat is blocked by pans and pots inside the oven. This blocking of the heat affects in uneven cooking. You can note this uneven cooking when both top and bottom racks of the oven are used at the same time because the heat rises to the top of the oven. They are inexpensive than convection ovens.

Best oven for your home

Monday, November 17th, 2014


Oven is a part of cooker which is used for heating and cooking the food. At homes the cooking is just a joy by using oven. You just have to turn on the switch of oven for cooking. Many types of ovens are available in the market. The speed and efficiency of an oven varies for different models. There are four different types of built in oven with respect to their size.

  • Electric Single Oven
  • Gas Single Oven
  • Electric Double oven
  • Gas Double Oven


Electric Single Oven

Electric single oven is used for small level of cooking. If you have less space in your kitchen then it is the best fit for you to cook with an electric single oven. It is around 60cm tall and can be placed into an eye level kitchen unit or under counter. A grill is also found inside the oven. It consists of fan for equal distribution of heat around the oven. Heat accuracy of electric oven is just awesome these ovens are normally found more than other types of ovens. It is not good for large cooking. If you want to grill and bake at same time you cannot use it.

Gas Single Oven

If you prefer cooking with gas then gas single oven is the best choice. Gas single oven and electric single oven both are equal in size. You can easily fit them in your kitchen but for gas single oven you need a gas safe registered engineer to install them properly. The cooking cost is very low as compared to electric because gas is the cheapest fuel. But the heat distribution in the gas oven is not as efficient as electric oven. You could not find gas single oven in the market as compared to electric ovens.

Electric Double Oven

They are about 90cm tall and require more space in the kitchen. A grill is also found in the top oven and some models also have in the main oven too. Heat distribution is evenly and accurately done in the electric ovens if a model also have a fan then this effect will become too good. You can easily cook in two ovens at the same time and the main oven is also bigger than the single oven. You can cook many things for your dinner in no time. They are not enough bigger than single ovens as you expect them to be the reason is that they are just 12cm taller than the single oven. They are expensive than single. And heating cost is also very high. Many models of electric double ovens are available with pre programmed and advance features.



Gas Double Oven

They use gas instead of electricity for cooking. They are bigger in size and require more space than single oven. Again cooking cost in gas double oven is lower than electric double oven. Two ovens are very helpful but the main oven is smaller in size than single gas oven. They are expensive but cooking cost is low.

Different types of ovens

Monday, November 17th, 2014


An oven is a home appliance. You can cook food like casseroles or meat and bake food like cake or bread by using it. Modern ovens operate on natural gas or electricity. Some ovens contain a stove and the fuel which is used for the oven could be same or different from the fuel which is used for the burners located on the top of the stove. There are different methods used for cooking in ovens. For roasting and baking oven heats from the below but for grilling or boiling the heat can is provided from the top of the oven. A fan oven is used for faster and efficient cooking which consists of a fan and a heating element around it. A fan assisted oven is also used for fast cooking which also consists of a small fan for circulating the air in the cooking chamber. Both are the types of convection oven. An integrated rotisserie is also a feature of an oven.

Ovens can be categorized differently with respect to the control. The ovens which are very simple in working may not have any control and runs continuously on various temperatures. But in conventional ovens a simple thermostat controls the working of the oven. It turns the oven on and off and also controls the temperature at which it will operate. On the highest setting it also enables the broiler element. For the automatic turn on and off a timer is also attached. The more advance ovens consist on a complex, computer-based control system with a variety of operating modes. It automatically shuts the oven off when the food has cooked completely. In some ovens cleaning is very easy. A continuous cleaning oven the chamber is coated with catalytic surface that breaks down the food splatters and also spills over time. In self cleaning ovens pyrolytic decomposition is used to oxidize dirt. A wet soak cycle to loose dirt is provided in stream ovens they allow easy manual removal. Chemical oven cleaners are used when any special method is there. These are some types of ovens

Earth Oven

Earth ovens are used in many cultures. A dug is pitted into the ground for heating. They took long time for cooking the food is cooked by roasting slowly. These are very commonly used which shows the human civilization and static civilization.

Gas Oven

Gas oven is made with a gas stove for heating. Now a day’s gas oven is becoming trend everywhere. It is expensive but the energy cost of gas oven is very low. Cleaning of gas oven is very simple.

Microwave Oven

In this oven micro radiations are used as a source of heat for cooking the food. They require electric power for heating. Many advance features are available in modern microwave ovens. They are normally used at homes and bakeries.


Wall Oven

Wall ovens are used at restaurants for large cooking. They require large roasting pans and Dutch ovens. They are expensive than other type of ovens.

Famous oven in modern era

Monday, November 17th, 2014


An oven is an insulated chamber which is fully enclosed and used for baking, heating or drying any substance. It is mostly used for cooking. You can define the oven in many ways but all types of oven are used to control the temperature. For heating many techniques are used in the ovens. Many ovens heat the food from below and others from the top. In convection ovens to provide fast and efficient cooking a small fan is used to for heating the food which blows hot air on the food. These are some commonly used types of the oven.

  • Electric Ovens
  • Gas Ovens
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Brick Ovens


Electric Ovens

In electric ovens the electricity is used for cooking the food. The heat distribution is very effectively done in these ovens but their heating cost is very high with comparing to the others. Because of rust prevention many people prefers these types of ovens. A thermostat is also attached in many electric ovens which electronically control the temperature of the oven and they also have rear grill elements on the top and bottom. These are inexpensive in cost as compared to others but they took longer time for heating.

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens are use in the environment where the use of kitchen is very high. These are very efficient in working than others because they take less time for both heating and to cool down. In gas ovens the food is heated very exactly as it should be heated. The electric ovens use dry heat for cooking but the gas ovens add moisture which prevents the baked goods from becoming hard until they are fully cooked. A thermostat is used in some gas ovens to control temperature while in others a natural gas kit is used. They are expensive than other ovens

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is normally used to cook and reheat the food. In short it is also called microwave. It is much faster in working than all other ovens it works on a principle of dielectric heating in which the electromagnetic radiations are bombarded in a microwave spectrum which causes polarized molecules in the food and thermal energy is build during food rotation. In a microwave oven you can heat food very quickly and efficiently than other cooking techniques because excitation is uniform in the outer of a dense food item. Many models of these ovens are available with advance and automatic features. Advance models are preprogrammed with dozen kinds of foods. But for a large meal microwave ovens are not very efficient.


Brick Ovens

It is also known as masonry oven it consists of a chamber that is constructed with bricks and concrete. It is normally used in the restaurants which offer barbequed meat. A different taste can be added to the meat by selecting some specific type of wood to fire in the brick oven. The cleaning of brick oven is also very easy. Many advance versions of brick ovens also operates with electricity or natural gas.